With the development of industrialization and economy, China's demand for lubricants has continuously increased, becoming the second largest lubricant consumer after the United States. In recent years, China's annual oil consumption has exceeded 11 million tons, and it has increased by 2-3% per year. Most of the lubricating oil is converted into waste lubricating oil after use. In 2015, the amount of waste lubricating oil produced in China has exceeded 11 million tons. It is estimated that by 2020, the amount of waste lubricating oil will be close to 15 million tons. At present, the main destination of waste lubricating oil in China is as shown on the left. It is estimated that from the 1980s to the present, China has discharged more than 70 million tons of waste lubricating oil, resulting in economic losses of more than 100 billion yuan. The main rivers and lakes are polluted by waste oil to varying degrees, and the area of contaminated land amounts to tens of thousands of hectares. At the same time, due to the illegal extraction of waste oil, the increasing amount of harmful gases emitted into the atmosphere has seriously affected the environment. This is a very serious and urgent problem that needs to be solved before the country. With the declining oil resources and the emphasis on oil pollution and the growing demand for environmental protection, countries around the world have gradually improved their understanding of the meaning of waste lubricating oil recycling and resource utilization, and continuously strengthen the recycling and resources of waste lubricating oil. Support for utilization. China produces more than 10 million tons of waste lubricating oil every year, of which more than 90% can be recycled and recycled, and the economic and environmental benefits are considerable. Therefore, studying the causes of lubricant degradation, actively developing new high-efficiency, non-secondary pollution waste oil purification and regeneration process methods and supporting proprietary equipment are of great significance for relieving China's oil resources and reducing the environmental pollution of waste lubricating oil.

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