The process technology route of this project integrates the most advanced electrostatic pretreatment technology at home and abroad, hollow nano membrane cross-flow filtration technology and proprietary hydrogenation technology. Starting from the basic composition of waste lubricating oil, the project uses chemical pretreatment to change the physical and chemical structure of metals and additives in waste lubricating oil, and then removes metal, carbon residue and colloid in waste lubricating oil by new separation methods. The main impurities such as asphaltene and carbon black avoid the coking problem caused by the traditional atmospheric and vacuum distillation separation of waste lubricating oil, and also make the treated waste lubricating oil meet the feeding requirements of the hydro-upgrading process, and then develop the proprietary addition. Hydrogen catalyst and supporting technology, research and development of comprehensive utilization plan of waste lubricating oil residue, forming an industry that can reach the international advanced level, no secondary pollution, the quality and grade of base oil products reach the standard of high-end base oil (Class II or III) The chain is truly resource-free, resource-efficient and high-end products. Patent Application Members of this project team have high technical level and relevant technology development experience in petroleum processing, hydrogenation process technology development, waste lubricating oil pretreatment and hydrorefining. At the start of the project, the company paid great attention to the development and protection of independent intellectual property rights and formulated the company's short-term and medium-term intellectual property strategies. The company's independent intellectual property rights include patents, trademark registrations, trade secrets and technical secrets. At present, the company has applied for 5 relevant invention patents and authorized 2 items (see the figure below). Three technical secrets have been sorted out. It is planned to apply for 3-5 invention or utility model patents in the second half of 2017, and sort out 5-8 technical secrets. Through the continuous research and development and industrialization of the project, according to the company's established intellectual property strategy, it is expected to apply for 5-6 national patents each year and 8-10 technical secrets, covering related process technologies in the process of waste lubricating oil regeneration. Complete equipment, catalysts and additive development. In 2018, the company will gradually begin to apply for international patents and trademark registration as planned.

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